InterGuild Relationships

Full Ally = Blue

To Riva, a full ally is one in which the guild shares such similar ideals and personality, the guilds could be meshed at any time with no trouble. The only full allies at this time are CEL and EG.

#set_ally = Dark Green

Guilds that we cooperate in KF with, or other such PK maps, or must retain a #set_ally to keep peace with. Both reason to prevent any accidents while in KF. Most represent a higher level of friendship than the standard NAP.

Standard No Attack Policy (NAP) = Light Green

Guilds that hold an NAP with Riva have jointly agreed to not attack the other in PK. Generally a joint 'good behavior' clause towards each other accompanies the NAP.

Enemy = Red Tag

To Riva, a red tag on a guild simply means that someone in that guild will PK Rivans. It serves as a warning to Rivans to be wary when specific guilds are around, as members of those guilds have been known to attack, and otherwise engage in negative activity towards Riva. Per our rules, "A Rivan MAY attack enemies of Riva, whether guild, individual, or personal, in any PK situation".


All guilds not listed here remain default neutral. This merely means no diplomacy agreement of any kind has been made between our guilds, and unless Rivans are given a specific reason otherwise, default tags will mainly be left alone and treated as friendly.