Our History . . .

This story begins with the discovery of the Orb of Aldur. A powerful artifact, it was the protector of the men of the West so long as it rested on an Isle named Riva. Therefore, it was naturally the duty of the people of Riva to tend to the Orb, which was sought by the evil God Torak. If the Orb would fall into his hands then he would have domination over all the lands, something that was feared by many. Despite the fear of such occurances, they were blind to the theft of the Orb of Aldur, stolen by a priest of Torak.

Realizing the dangers that would follow if Torak gained possession of the Orb, The Eternal Man Belgarath and his daughter, Arch-Sorceress Polgara seeked the path of the Orb to reclaim its protective powers before ruin befell the world. With them they took Belgaraths grandson, a farm boy by the name of Garion who was unsuspecting of such powers like wizardry and evil Gods.

As the quest for the Orb continued Belgarath and Polgara taught the ways of wizardry to Garion who was able to use these powers freely and easily despite his reluctance to accept his heritage as grandson of The Eternal Man. For many days Belgarath, Polgara and Garion seeked the Orb, and to their great delight they had recovered it before it could reach the evil hands of Torak. They had brang it back to the Isle of Riva where its protective powers would protect the men of the West. Belgarath, Polgara and Garion had succeded in protecting their lands.

Despite their acomplishments, more impending dangers were arising. A much angered Torak has awaken and continued to seek domination over the lands. Garion, a now very powerful sorcerer knew his quests were not over. With his grandfather, The Eternal Man Belgarath, Garion headed toward The City of Endless Nights in the East, Toraks resting place. As Garion and Belgarath drew close to The City Endless Nights, the armies of the West traveled in a desperate effort to divert Toraks followers from discovering and stopping Garions task.

The diversion worked and it gave Garion and Belgarath a passage to Toraks great hall. There an epic battle began, and there the epic battle had raged on for 3 endless days. At the break of the fourth day, and to Garion and Belgaraths delight, Torak fell in defeat. Toraks threats and dreams of domination had crumbled under Garions impecible strengths, and with the defeat of Torak, his followers crumbled. The men of the West were once again safe, and Garion traveled to the Isle of Riva to keep the Orb of Aldur protected.

In his dieing years Garion became a scribe, and he recording the stories of his daunting task, from when he was a boy who disbeliefed that such powers and wizardry existed, up until the downfall of Torak. Garion died a peaceful man, and was burried with his books. He became a legend and came to be known as the true ruler of Riva.

A millenia passed, and the stories of Garions feats had fallen from the mouths of of men. Wizardry had disinitigrated into a myth as did the possibilities of such powers as Gods. The village of Riva became a small busy city which harbored many different races of men who all tended to themselves, oblivious to the signifigance of the grounds they lived on. In this city was one man however who seeked the history of the world. His name was WiseDwarf, and he had followed the stories of many old men and many books to the legend city of Riva where the Orb or Aldur rested and the legendary sorcerer Garion had layed rest.

While his stay there WiseDwarf had discovered something. He had discovered, deep in the only mountain on Riva a tomb, where on the walls were scriptures written in an ancient language. WiseDwarf spent years studying them and to his shock discovered that he was in the tomb of Garion. He quickly accumulated a group of his closests friends and researcher to this tomb and put them to work to deciepher the walls. As his friends were doing so, WiseDwarf himself traveled deeper into the Tomb. He discovered a gravestone, and engraved into it he read Here lies The Eternal Mans grandson, and the savior of the West. Garion.

Next to the grave WiseDwarf found a book which he began to study. It was the book that Garion himself had wrote and within it contained the secrets of wizardry and the truths about the Gods. For many years WiseDwarf studied these writings and shared them only to his close friends, and while studing the books WiseDwarf and his friends discovered that they too could use magic. They shared the same disbelief that Garion did when he first discovered wizadry but soon, and they also shared the same ability to use the magics as Garion did. WiseDwarf and his friends soon became very powerful warriors using the secrets contained in this book. They adopted the name Rivan Warriors seeing as Garion was the sworn protector of Riva, they made a pact to use their magics only for good, and with their new found powers they began to travel around the world, looking to test their new strenghts. They traveled to the North and to the South and then to the East clensing the world of any evil that they had found. Shortly the name Rivan Warriors became known throughout the land.

The Rivan Warriors were feared by all men and creatures who were evil, and loved by those who were good and kind of heart.

Written by jimihendrix
Revised by milesp