Requirements to become a Rivan:

In order to become a Rivan Warrior, a player must have at least one skill above 30 (NOT OA), have basic understanding of the game, abide by all official Eternal Lands rules, have the respect of veteran players, and have the support of the majority of leadership AND the guild in order to join.

Characteristics of a Rivan:

  • A Rivan is honest, truthful and respectful.
  • A Rivan is expected to help other Rivans whenever possible.
  • A Rivan shares strategies, tips and tricks with other Rivans.
  • A Rivan helps other Rivans with training and tasks.
  • A Rivan participates in guild channel and guild events.
  • A Rivan helps fellow Rivans find their items when they die.
  • A Rivan does not spam, beg, or scam.
  • A Rivan finds honor in returning bags to those who have died.
  • A Rivan respects others in any channel.
  • A Rivan does not verbally attack another on any grounds (i.e. race, beliefs, EL skills)
  • A Rivan abides by both the letter and the spirit of the Eternal Lands Rules, and publicly supports the authority of the moderation and development staff.
  • A Rivan respects the authority of the leadership, and abides by its decisions.
  • A Rivan upholds truth and justice, in all situations, public or private.
  • A Rivan honors all interguild agreements and does not violate guild diplomacy.
  • Above all else, A Rivan Warrior upholds the Rivan Honor, and does not bring harm to the Rivan name

Combat Rules:

In PK Areas:

  • A Rivan does not attack Allies or friends, unknown players, or innocents.
  • Rivans honor and respect allies by not attacking their PVP partners, regardless of the partner's status.
  • A Rivan MAY attack enemies of Riva, whether guild, individual, or personal, in any PK situation, as long as above rules are not violated.

For enemies of Riva have lost the respect of Riva, and therefore are NOT entitled to ANY rights or respects outside those granted by official game rules.

Alternate Character Rules

  • Rivans must declare any alternate characters to the guild leadership, along with the purpose of the character, and any future plans, if applicable.
  • Alternate characters in other guilds are forbidden, unless special permission is given by leadership.
  • Rivans should not allow any other people, even family, to control their characters. Special cases should be taken to leadership first. Rivans that have other family or friends playing from the same IP should declare this as well.
  • Any rivan caught using an undeclared alternate character can be booted from the guild with no furthur consideration.


These rules are enforceable. In most cases you will be warned the first time you break a rule. Some rules are grounds for instant expulsion from the guild. These include bag stealing and breaking the Combat rules.